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๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ‘‘ Is Christ Your King?

Most Christians would answer this question with a resoundingย yes, but most grace believers would respond with an emphaticย no. They know that the people of Israel lived in aย kingdom (I Sam. 24:20), and they know that the Lord was born โ€œKingย of the Jewsโ€ (Mt. 2:2) and will one day rule over them in the kingdom of heaven on earth. They rightly reason that a kingdom is ruled by a king, but that believersย todayย are members of โ€œthe Body of Christโ€ (I Cor.ย 12:27), and a body is ruled byย a head.ย Since Christ is our Head (Eph.ย 4:15), it is easy to see why some say He is not our King.

But the same apostle who tells us we are members of Christโ€™s Body also tells us that โ€œthe Fatherโ€ฆhath translated usย into the kingdom of His dear Sonโ€ย (Col.ย 1:12,13). Paul is speaking here of Godโ€™sย overallย kingdom of the saved of all ages, but any kingdom, by definition, is governed by a king.

There are, of course, some dispensational differences. A kingdom has to be governed byย law, so God gave Israel a law, a law that said that if your neighbor is hungry you should feed him (Deut. 15:8). But bodies arenโ€™t governed by a law, they are governed byย love.ย When your stomach is hungry, your head doesnโ€™t need a law to tell you to feed it. You feed it because โ€œno man ever yet hated his own flesh;ย but nourisheth and cherisheth itโ€ย (Eph.ย 5:29). In a kingdom, you have to have laws that say things like โ€œthou shalt not kill,โ€ and โ€œthou shalt not steal,โ€ so God gave the kingdom of Israel a law that said things like that. But our apostle says that laws like โ€œthou shalt not killโ€ and โ€œthou shalt not stealโ€ are โ€œbriefly comprehended in thisโ€ฆThou shalt love thy neighbor as thyselfโ€ฆโ€ย (Rom. 13:9,10). So after telling the Galatians that we are not under the law but under grace, Paul told them, โ€œbyย loveย serve one anotherโ€ (Gal.ย 5:13). Under grace, we donโ€™t kill or steal from one anotherย because we love one another!ย But what would happen in the kingdom of Chicago if the mayor announced that he was suspending all laws, and from now on everyone should just love one another? It wouldnโ€™t take long for people to realize that love works well when it comes to governing a body, but a kingdom needs laws!

But despite these dispensational differences, Christ is still the king of the overall kingdom of which we are a part. Someday He will โ€œsit upon the throne of His gloryโ€ in the kingdom of heaven on earth (Mt. 25:31). In the meantime, does He sit on the throne of your heart? Why not choose to give โ€œthe Kingโ€ the โ€œhonour and gloryโ€ He deserves (I Tim.ย 1:17)ย by choosing to obey Him. source

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