Prayer for the Unbeliever

Prayer for the Unbeliever

Heavenly Father,

We humbly ask You to continue rescuing the lost from the domain of darkness and bring them into the kingdom of Your Son. You alone can draw and enable them. You alone can send Your Holy Spirit with power to convict them of the sin in their life and their need to repent and believe in Your truth. The truth that Jesus is the only way to You, that He alone is the way, the truth and the life.

Father, we ask you to forgive the sins of the lost. We come in Jesusโ€™ name to demolish the strongholds in their minds that those sins have allowed. We come in the authority of Jesusโ€™ name to overcome the power of the enemy in their lives, to ask You to bind evil spirits away from them in the name of Jesus and the blood of the Lamb through the word of our testimony.

We come against the blinding of their minds and ask that You send someone to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light. Father please help us to be willing and active believers. Please do not let their hearts be hardened, but instead open their hearts to receive Your truth. Rip away any veil that covers their hearts, any false teaching that confuses their minds. Help them to hear your Word with power and conviction as the Word of God and not the word of man. Give them understanding, so that the enemy will not be able to steal Your Word from their hearts.

Father, help them see their need for a Savior, to know they must confess their sins, repent, believe and live a fruitful life. Help them choose Your mercy and Your gift of grace, to believe with their hearts and confess with their mouths, Jesus is Lord. We ask in Your will, that not any should perish. In Jesusโ€™ precious name. Amen.

17 Comments to “Prayer for the Unbeliever”

  1. sdgirl79 #

    Thank you so much for this prayer. I will be praying for my dad.

  2. Derrick #

    You’re welcome and thank you for the reply. I’ve lifted your dad in prayer as well.

  3. praying for salvation for our children and grandchildren.britt, carisa, michael,mercedes.douglas…as well as our brothers and sisters…

  4. Will07 #

    Pray that my husband who is a nonbeliever hears the word of God. His heart needs to be softened so he can hear the Lord. He needs to know The Lord will provide.

  5. Derrick #

    Praying for you both in Jesus’ name.

  6. Do you know of any established blog sites where I can answer questions of unbelievers as an evangelistic outreach?

    Thanks. Kathleen

  7. Derrick #

    Hi Kathleen,

    I cannot think of any established blog sites but a site that came to mind was This is a very active community and there are sub-forums for unbelievers. Thank you for your initiative…it’s very admirable!!

    God’s blessings,

  8. Melissa #

    TThank you for this prayer-I have prayed it ffor my husband.

  9. Diane Smith #

    II Almighty Father hear our prayer…

  10. Vini #

    Pray that my husband who is a nonbeliever hears the word of God. His heart needs to be softened so he can hear the Lord. He needs to know The Lord will provide.

  11. Derrick #

    Praying for you and your husband Vini … In Jesus’ name.

  12. Brandy #

    Please pray for bud and joe. I pray God will reveal Himself in a real and powerful way and shake their world. I pray their eyes and minds will be opened and their hearts softened and repentant. Thank you for this prayer!

  13. Derrick #

    Hi Brandy … lifting prayers for Bud and Joe. In Jesus’ name.

  14. FayeS #

    i want to say this prayer to a young man i just spoke to named Sam. who’s heart is so hard and filled with so much hate for God, and i say this prayer for him, not giving up hope on him and others like him that one day, they will open their hearts, find God and no longer demand proof, but be among the many who are blessed though have not seem.

  15. gss #

    I don’t believe but wish I did. Thank you for this prayer. I really feel like my life is missing a huge piece. I am sorry to ask, but I would truly appreciate your prayers to help me find my way. Sincere thanks.

  16. Amanda73 #

    Continuously praying for my ex husband whom we just reconciled. He believes in God but his heart is hardened. The devil is working vehemently to destroy or reunion. I am praying that Jesus reveals the love of God in him. I am praying that the past will stay in the past and God will renew our family’s reconciliation. I will continue to pray this prayer for him. Thank you!

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