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πŸ™πŸ½ Prayer To Release Anger

Heavenly Father,

Please help me to dwell on the good and the positive in my life. I know that it is You who examines our hearts. Search the inner depths of my heart and expose anything that is not of You so I can be set free of it.

Lord, where I have directed anger toward others in my life or held anger inside of me, I confess that as sin and ask You to forgive me and take all the anger away. Heal any wounds that I have inflicted, through my words and actions, in others and myself. Help me to speak sweet words and healing, for I know that pleases You. Where I have shown anger toward others I confess it to you as sin. Bring Your restoration to every situation where it is needed.

Thank You, Lord, that You will redeem my soul in peace from the battle that is against me. I believe that You, the God of peace will crush the enemy under my feet. Help me to live righteously because I know there is a connection between obedience to Your ways and peace. Help me to depart from thoughts of anger and bouts with depression; help me to seek peace and actively pursue it. Thank You that You will take away all anger in me and keep me in perfect peace, because my mind is fixed on You Father.Β  In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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  • Tom

    I get angry when people are praying and I am a Christian!!! What is wrong with me? I also get angry in church!! This is tearing the heart out of me, please help

  • eunice kihara

    i have been so angry for 7 years because the person who i thought was the love of my life was a cheater,a liar and abandoned me when i needed him the most,i got pregnant..This has seriously affected my life there are times i feel like committing suicide. I am still so angry at him and at life that its actually affecting my new relationship…pray for me to get guidance from God on what to do and for him to take away this pain and anger and resentment.

    • Gracjan Dymiter

      Beloved do not hold a grudge against him but pray for him by the power of the Holy Spirit God loves him so much please forgive him for every mistakes he made and for hurting you in Jesus name.

    • Hi i am in the same situation. The father of my son abandon me while pregrnant . I had to see him with other women while pregnant . It hurt me so bad . My son came out just like him . He tells his new gfriends he is not his father . I am so hurt fruatrated i feel lost . I never done wrong in my life i ask myself why me . He dumped me and his son . It hurts me more that my son wont know his father than him leaving me . I am so fed up i feel it ia affecting my child now . I am looking for a church i can go to make a turn around in life .

      • Derrick

        Sending prayers in Jesus’ name. So sorry to hear about this. πŸ™

  • Onyinyechi

    Pls pray for my entire family. We are filled with so much anger and shouts especially myself and I take it all upon my kids. I love my kids and it hurts me that I get angry at them, I do not want to hurt them because sometimes I get so pushed at their behaviour and I give them spanks which I always regret. Pls I do need prayers, it I’d really tearing me into pieces.

    • Gracjan Dymiter

      My dear sister in Christ you have no idea how amazing and wonderful you are remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made God has given you power of Satan and his demons you must take action in the very moment anger overtakes you use the blood of Jesus close your eyes repent of your sins confess your anger and bitterness and resentment to god and you will have such peace my sister it’s a battle everyday pray warefare prayers everyday in Jesus name and you will be free in Jesus Christ name amen!!!

      • Gracjan Dymiter

        Sorry I meant to say god gave you power over Satan and authority over demons

  • Christopher

    Good gosh I need prayers. Each time I find joy in gaining more closeness to God, I slip into temptation and sin again. This makes me sick to my stomach when I do, and makes me more on edge with others and my temper becomes what feels like possession. I pray and pray. I know I love Jesus Christ. I know I hate sin. I hate myself for choosing it. Even more so when spite brews within me and my fuse is even more shortened. Please, pray for me. I am a wretch, but I don’t want to be.

    • Ayonna

      Praying for you Christopher I am going through the same problem pray for me too it’s Ayonna.

    • Michael

      Hi Christopher- I had a tough time with sexual sin and lust and one day I prayed and admitted to God that I was powerless over it and to please take it from me. Well there was a dramatic change after that . God Bless you

  • melanie ruiz

    Please pray for me , I’m broken I need guidence from God . God knows I love him , he knows my problems. I just hate my dad so much

    • Derrick

      Lifting prayers for you and your dad, Melanie…in Jesus’ name.

    • Gracjan Dymiter

      Dear sister I love you so much your so special and wonderful daughter of Christ he loves you he is waiting for you to cry out to me the lord has mercy and compassion on you but just as he has forgiven you and died on the cross for you because of his grace and love for you,you must also forgive your dad whatever he did forgive him and confess it to the lord also remember the lord mercy and forgiveness is available for the whole world but whoever calls on the name of the lord shall be delivered don’t hold grudges don’t hate but love one another by the spirit of love sister my love for my lord is so strong and getting stronger everyday,am a Security guard and I got stabbed in my neck by some man who was into drugs because I did my job he stabbed me I almost died but I thank the lord for his love and grace that I always have when the ambulance came and they put me into the track to take me to hospital I started to pray for that man I begged the father not to hold that sin against him because he didn’t know what he was doing I told the lord even he tried to kill me I forgive him lord and I love him so much and I said lord protect him and watch over him believe I had such peace such great joy I was ready to go in peace with a smile on my face please I beg you sister love one another and forgive each other and you will prosper in every area of your life God bless your heart amen!!!

  • Jay

    Please pray for me that the chains of anger will be taken away by God from my family. I have this anger that comes like a volcano probably as a result of my Dad who is also an angry man. I tend to shout at my kids and I am seeing this anger now at with my seven year old son and 5 year old daughter. Lord God please help me.

    • Derrick

      Lifting prayers for you brother. This sounds so familiar. My Dad was an angry man as well and I believe that example passed to me in many ways…manifesting itself in outbursts toward my children. God will help you, as he has helped me. Get in the word daily and be renewed. It can and will happen. See my latest post in the Q&A section for more about being renewed.

    • Mary C M

      Hello Jay my dad was the same, my first Memory age 4 was of my dads anger, My dad has passed away and I so miss him.Your anger can come about through insecurities or tiredness, next time you feel angry ask why your angry,and work on you life isn’t easy especially being a mum no one gives you a handbook.Children need discipline and boundaries it makes them feel secure.NO SHOUTING,you know how it made you feel,scared frightened insecure,the fact your seeking advice is a step in the right direction.Keeping you in My prayers Jay.Mary from Scotland .May God Bless you and your family today and forever Through Our Lord Yashua/Jesus Christ Amen.

  • Samuel

    Please pray for me… I do not understand my anger and i get angry at the slightest of things.. When possible , i direct my anger at others , if not i just get very angry at myself..
    I am trying to devote myself to god and to be obedient to god’s commands.. I do not want to be angry anymore… I want to learn how to love.. I am trying to read the bible everyday and spend time with god to learn to be more like him.. I used to be a drug addict and god saved me many times.. I am fighting something inside of me that is constantly telling me to sin and go back to drugs… Please pray for me….

    • Derrick

      Lifting prayers for you, Samuel. I recommend taking the time to read through some of our “Doctrine” posts and devoting yourself to studying Scripture. When you know the love of Christ, which surpasses all knowledge, you will be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19).

  • Yayandrei

    Please pray for me.. I hate myself for making wrong decisions..sometimes i hate the people who treated me unfairly..i want to release all my worries…

  • Cassy

    Pray for me . I am filed with anger about things I can not control . I ask God to help me let go

    • Derrick

      Hi Cassy, I’m lifting this in prayer for you…that God will replace this anger with the fruits of His Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

  • Brenda

    I pray for my son John who comes home from teaching so angry the shouts at his beautiful five year old daughter yet not his two year old son. Lord help him to see the harm he is doing fill him with your love and patience and let him see the love she has for him but needs loving in return Amen

    • Derrick

      Sending prayers for John, this precious daughter and for the entire family in Jesus’ name.

  • Joe

    Please pray for me as I am boiling with jealously and anger I know i am a better person than this. god please fill my heart with love, peace and understanding!

    • Derrick

      Lifting prayers for you Joe, in Jesus’ mighty name.

  • Lakeith

    Prayers for kekes anger problems

  • Lakeith

    Please pray for me that i overcome my anger issue pray also that i stop being so easy to take offense at small things

    • Derrick

      Lifting prayers in Jesus’ name!

  • Jennifer

    I feel such incredible peace after reading this. Thank you so very much. God Bless β™‘

    • Derrick

      God bless you as well, Jennifer!

  • Jen

    Thank you for this, I really needed this today, to remind me to KEEP MY FAITH strong, and to help give me some peace. I struggle some days like everyone else and lose my way sometimes.

    Thank you again, GOD BLESS.

    • Derrick

      You’re welcome, Jen and God’s blessings to you as well!

  • Janine

    I have a problem with my anger. I shout and I say bad things when I am angry. I know it’s because deep down I am just hurt, but because I try to be strong it’s like the hurt converts in to anger. But I feel so awful after. I’m ruining my life and others. I am thankful for this site because I was able to find a prayer to express to God that I don’t want to be this person anymore. I hope I can become a better person for myself and others.

    • Derrick

      Lifting prayers for you Janine!

  • Deane

    pray for my son that is dealing with a lot of anger issues.

    • Derrick

      Lifting prayers for your son in Jesus’ name!

  • Nelda Chavez

    Thank you for this prayer I’ve left it at the cross & in the hands of Jesus Christ.

    • Derrick

      Amen, Nelda.

  • Rose


  • Joel Fahie

    I was very angry with alot of people Idk why because thoe. I try to live peace but something just snap And i always be angry I need additional prayer for whoever reads this That God takes away all my bitterness hurt anger and anything thatbia not of his will. And change all situation I may have caused on my brothers or sister. Forgive God for all ive done to people I need your help Jesus

    • Derrick

      Sending prayers for you, Joel.

  • I hurt so bad from my past and I know it effects me today but temptation all round me cause old anger with new anger to restore and go against that person and it’s breaking me hurting me but praying this prayer and having faith has helped me let go some what.

  • Jamall

    Thank you for this prayer. God is healing me of my deepest hurts in this season of my life. Thank you.

  • Mia

    At work have to deal with a supervisor that loves to scream at people, she gets away with it, she really hurted my feelings I was in tears just couldn’t stop crying,how people can be so mean. She’s an angry person that needs prayers, thank you for your wonderful prayer.

  • Manna Hedly

    This article really help me to understand the goal. Thanks so much for sharing. A week back i was reading some online christian magazines, they also helps me to control my anger.

  • Stargazer

    I just said this prayer, I pray in Jesus name it will help me. I sin in my anger at my children and husband.. I ask for their forgiveness and most importantly Gods. Will anyone else pray for me too? I need as many prayers as I can get, for it will bless me my children husband and forever more.

  • wayne

    What do I say when I’m sooooooo angry bcuz I try so hard but I’m still so angry.

  • Jazzie

    very nice prayer..please who ever created this and whoever read my post i humbly ask your prayers that i may able to forgive, let go and let God take control of my emotions. The anger that i have in myself may it replace with love understanding and acceptance. please pray for me to have a peaceful mind

  • irene

    Thanx so much for the prayer it came the right time.Am so much into a hard time as I can’t control my anger. It destroys my relationship with my dear ones.this prayer gave me the best relief ever.and with faith my problem is Going to end in Jesus’s name.thanks

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  • lostinthought

    With all of the stuff that’s out there on the internet, it’s good to know that there are sights like this. This prayer is beautiful and says everything that im thinking in this moment of sadness and anger. Viewiing anger and depression in biblical terms helps me understand that im not alone and that I will get through it because God said I will.

  • rickywaddas

    Great prayer!!!!!

  • shandela

    Thank you for the prayer, I keep it in my bible with Ephesians 6 and read it every day to have my Armor of God against the enemy. He does roar around and wants to destroy, but we know Jesus already has the victory! Thanks so much for the prayer, I struggle with anger when my teenage daughters disrespect me & are selfish. It is very difficult, I say things out of anger, but I press on! God Bless

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  • Thank you very much for this prayer. This prayer is very helpful especially to me. I don’t know how to pray to release anger and hatred in my heart.


    I found this website for that very purpose, we can request and share prayers and also tell how prayers are answered.


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  • evanmascitti

    Just want to second the other comments. It is hard to find my own words right now but your prayer helped me express myself to God. Thank you so much and I will continue to use this prayer in times of frustration and anger.

  • Bobby

    Thanks for that prayer I really needed. It’s in God’s hands now and I trust him to help me. God Bless you all.

    • Derrick

      It is in God’s hands, brother. Thank you for commenting and God Bless!

  • Jana

    I still struggle with some anger thank-you for the prayer, sometimes we don’t have our own words

    • Derrick

      You’re welcome Jana. Thanks for taking the time to comment and God Bless!!

  • Hi my name is Paul and im reading through your anger prayer and I dont agree with 1 part which is a major part. Is this prayer for a new believer or a christian? Because if its for a christian when you pray the sinners prayer to you ask Jesus to come into your life and forgive you of your sins. Thats the forgiveness of youe sins once and for all! Because after saying the sinners prayer and believing it you are no longer under the law but under grace and being under grace means that if you slip up and sin (which we all do) we are covered by Gods grace.. Thats why its called amazing grace. So to keep on asking for the forgiveness of your sins is wrong because you are covered by grace because of Jesus.
    eg. Lets say (hyperthetical) that you are to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness every time you sin to be under Gods grace. What then abou the sins you dont know about that God does? On judgement day you would go to hell because you didnt ask for forgiveness of all your sins. The forgiveness of your sins isnt about what sins you can see, but rather what sins God can see, and he can see them all because He is not bound by time like we are. So when you say the sinners prayer and ask God to forgive you, God can see all your sins, past, present and future and he forgives them all and as far as the east is from the west He will remember them no more.

    • Derrick

      Hi Paul. My apologies for the nearly seven year late reply! Your comment was caught in a filter. I’m curious to know if you still see this the same way…specifically, do you still believe in the sinner’s prayer? If so, I would encourage you to give this clip a listen: (it begins at the part during which the sinner’s prayer is discussed in relation to Scripture). Let me know your thoughts? God bless!

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