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๐Ÿ‘‘ The Pillar And Ground Of The Truth

โ€œโ€ฆthe house of Godโ€ฆis the church of the living God,ย the pillar and ground of the truthโ€ (I Timothyย 3:15).

The word โ€œpillarโ€ should remind every Bible student of the pillar that God gave Israel to guide them through the wilderness to the promised land (Nehemiahย 9:12). After the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, theyย neededย a guide. They had been slaves for 400 years, and didnโ€™t have a clue as to where they were going! Itโ€™s not like Pharaoh let his slaves take exploratory vacations. So God had to lead themย every step of the wayย with the pillar.

Once Moses had written the Book of the Law, however, the pillar disappeared. Of course! Now they had aย Bookย to guide them every step of the way. No matter where they went in life, they had a reliable Guide to teach them how to walk and please God. And now that Book has been completed and resides in the local church! No wonder God calls the churchย the pillar of the truth!ย Godโ€™s people should follow that Book as closely as the Jews followedย theirย pillar. How closely was that?

โ€œโ€ฆwhen the cloud tarriedโ€ฆย then the children of Israelโ€ฆjourneyed notโ€ฆย when the cloudโ€ฆ was taken upโ€ฆย then they journeyedโ€ฆโ€ (Numbers 9:18-22).

When the pillar moved, they moved. When it rested, they rested. In other words,ย they didnโ€™t make a move without the benefit of its guidance. Does that sound like a good way to follow the Book today? Beloved, God has graciously given us a Guide that can help us navigate the most treacherous paths of life. The One who steers the stars (Job 38:32) has deigned to guide the lives of His people. May we never forsake His direction!

This great Guide has further equipped us with a place to meet to hear His Book taught. If there is no church near you where Godโ€™s rightly divided Word is taught in all its clarity, continue to share the gospel with the lost and Pauline truth with the saved. The people with whom you share Godโ€™s guidance just might want to start meeting at your house to discuss it. And God has a word for such meetingsโ€”He calls itย churchย (Rom. 16:5; I Cor.ย 16:19; Col.ย 4:15; Philemon 1:2).

These references to churches that met in homes are especially significant when we remember how small the homes were in those days. Thereโ€™s a reason the Lord had to send the apostles out to find a home large enough for twelve men to eat the Passover (Mark 14:12-16). Such rooms are not that uncommon today, but they were then! Thus Paulโ€™s allusions to churches that met in those humble homes tells us that the smallest of gatherings isย a churchย in Godโ€™s eyes, one that He will be pleased to call His house, the pillar and ground of the truthย in your community. source

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