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๐Ÿ‘‘ The Spirit Of Faith

It is thrilling to hear the Psalmist, though โ€œgreatly afflictedโ€, say: โ€œI believed, therefore have I spokenโ€ (Psa. 116:10).

It is thrilling too, to see the Apostle Paul, though โ€œtroubledโ€ฆ perplexedโ€ฆ persecutedโ€ฆ cast downโ€ฆ alway delivered unto death for Jesusโ€™ sakeโ€ โ€” it is thrilling to see him take his stand with David and to hear him speak of having โ€œTHE SAME SPIRIT OF FAITHโ€, adding: โ€œWE ALSO BELIEVE AND THEREFORE SPEAKโ€ (II Cor. 4:8-13).

If only all who believe the glorious message of Godโ€™s grace: that believers in Christ are accepted in Him, pronounced โ€œcompleteโ€ and baptized into one body by one divine baptism โ€” if all who believed these truths would speak out today, there would be a sweeping revival tomorrow in the Church, the Body of Christ. If, putting all other considerations aside, they would openly and honestly say: โ€œWE ALSO BELIEVE AND THEREFORE SPEAKโ€, the results would be as refreshing as far reaching. And they should speak, for this is โ€œthe spirit of faithโ€.

But, alas, there are few who possess โ€œthe spirit of faithโ€; few who will stand, regardless of consequences, for the light God has given them. Some maintain a discreet silence because of the โ€œfear of manโ€; others because they love โ€œthe praise of manโ€. Both say: โ€œOne must be careful what one says, for these truths are not popularโ€, but both alike are guilty of unfaithfulness to God and the truth.

With Godโ€™s help, let us not be among them. Let us, where the truth is concerned, stand with David and Paul and say: โ€œWE ALSO BELIEVE AND THEREFORE SPEAK!โ€ Let us be among those who truly possess โ€œthe spirit of faithโ€, who are determined to โ€œstand fast in the faithโ€ and ready to โ€œfight the good fight of faithโ€ (I Cor.16:13; I Tim. 6:12). source

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Verse for 1/23/2018

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. — James 1:5

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