๐Ÿ‘‘ A Book That Willย Teach

โ€œWhich things also we speak, not in the words which manโ€™s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritualโ€ย (I Cor. 2:13).

Todayโ€™s Scripture tells us who alone we can trust to teach us Godโ€™s truth!

Once, I heard a minister give his self-proclaimed โ€œpropheticโ€ message about top headlines that would appear in the coming year. While he reassured his audience that he received this information directly from โ€œthe Lordโ€ (?), he gave a disclaimer: โ€œI do not know, but at the end of this year, we will seeย ifย what I say came to pass.โ€ย Unlike the inner impressions and hunches of this โ€œChristianโ€ preacher, the Holy Bible is infallible, and we can trust its information completely.

Long, long ago, God Almighty wrote a Book, and He preserved it through history through a multiplicity of manuscript copies, so that it could eventually be translated into English, so we could read it even today! (Of course, Satan, the master counterfeiter that he is, most certainly had his own manuscriptsโ€”they still circulate today as corrupt Bible translations.) God promised to preserve Hisย wordsย forever (Psa. 12:6,7; Isa. 30:8; Matt. 24:35; I Pet. 1:25). Consequently, every person will stand before Him one day to give account as to what he or she did with that Bible. Did we reject it in favor of counterfeits? Did we re-translate it to fit our denominational beliefs? Did we apply it to life by faith? Did we even read it at all?

As English-speaking people, we understandโ€”or, at least, weย shouldย understandโ€”that weย canย trust the 400-year-old King James Bible. Sadly, even in many church circles, we are often cautionedย notย to trust Godโ€™s preserved Word. Unfortunately, footnotes, study notes, and seminarians usually attempt to claim that authority by offering โ€œbetterโ€ readings or โ€œbetterโ€ manuscripts. Beloved, we can do without unbelieving textual critics and their โ€œscholarship.โ€ God doesย notย need lost people to explain His Word to His children; Heย neverย did and Heย neverย will (I Cor. 2:14).ย Neverย forget that!

The Holy Spirit will teach us the King James Bible if weย โ€œreadโ€ย (Eph. 3:4),ย โ€œstudyโ€ย (II Tim. 2:15), andย โ€œconsiderโ€ย it (II Tim. 2:7)! source

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