๐Ÿ‘‘ Sola Scriptura

โ€œAll scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good worksโ€ย (2 Timothyย 3:16,17).

Onย October 31, 2017, we Bible believers celebrate the 500thย anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation!

When Roman Catholic priest Martin Luther nailed his โ€œ95 Thesesโ€ to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, he systematically outlined and protested ecclesiastical excesses and abuses (particularly the practice of selling indulgencesโ€”paying the pope to receive forgiveness of sins!). Church tradition had replaced Sacred Scripture, the written Word of God. Luther, whose original intention was to reform the Roman Catholic Church, actually started aย revolution. A spiritually-dead church abounding with spiritually-dead people doing spiritually-dead works couldย notย be improved. Apostasy was too widespread; Romanism was too corrupt.

Bible-believing Christians existed throughout church history, but organized religion (Roman Catholicism!) persecuted and suppressed them. Luther, walking in the light that he had, gave them a public voice and brought much attention to Godโ€™s truth to which they held! One such truth to be reemphasizedโ€”thoughย notย established for the first timeโ€”was โ€œsola Scripturaโ€ (Latin, โ€œScripture aloneโ€). The authority wasย notย in the Roman papacy or priesthood, but inย the written Word of God alone. (Luther thus later spent a decade translating the Bible into German.)

Those who support a โ€œSacred Scriptureย andย Sacred Traditionโ€ view ask us for a Bible verse to defend our โ€œsola Scripturaโ€ position. Todayโ€™s Scripture clearly states thatย the Bibleย containsย everythingย that God wants us to know.ย The Scripturesย equip us to accomplishย everythingย that God wants us to do. What are the inferences? If it isย notย in the Bible, then itย notย what God wants us to know! If it isย notย in Holy Writ, then it isย notwhat God wants us to do! If it isย notย in the Scriptures, then it isย notย a good work! (So, if the Bible is sufficient, then what is the purpose of church tradition? Why, to challenge the Bible!)

Over 200 times the New Testament quotes the Old Testament. The New Testament writers appealed toย Scriptureย for validation of truth instead of church leaders or religious tradition! Evidently, they preferred โ€œsola Scripturaโ€ too! source

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