๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ‘‘ What Should We Render to God?

When the Lord Jesus Christ said, โ€œRenderย therefore unto Caesar the things which areย Caesarโ€™s; and unto God the things that areย Godโ€™sโ€ (Matt. 22:21), it was clear that He meant that the tax moneyย they had asked Him about (Matt. 22:19) should be rendered to the king. Butย did you ever wonder what He had in mind in speaking of the thingsย that should be rendered unto God?

Well, in the context of being asked about money that Godโ€™s peopleย owed the government that ruled over them in civil matters, the Lordย was surely thinking of the money they also owed the priests who ministeredย to them in spiritual matters. Remember, the priestly tribe ofย Levi was granted no inheritance in the Promised Land, leaving themย no source of income other than the tithes that faithful Hebrews hadย to pay if they wanted to render to God what was Godโ€™s.

But I believe the Lord was thinking of something else that peopleย should want to render to God. Letโ€™s not forget how the Lord determinedย what should be rendered to Caesar. The penny He had asked to seeย (Matt. 22:19) bore the emperorโ€™s image (Matt. 22:20), and He rightly concluded thatย it therefore belonged to the emperor. But by that reasoning, since allย men bear the image of God by virtue of creation (Gen. 1:27; 9:6; 1 Cor.ย 11:7), they belong to Him and owe Him the glory that historically menย have refused to give Him (Rom. 1:21).

Of course, while many Christians glorify their Creator, all of themย should, since we who are saved bear Godโ€™s image spiritually as well.ย You see, when God saved you, you were โ€œconformed to the image ofย His Sonโ€ (Rom. 8:29), and you โ€œput on the new manโ€ which bears โ€œtheย image of Him that created himโ€ (Col. 3:10). So if we render money toย Caesar because it bears his image, we should also yield ourselves toย God โ€œas those that are alive from the deadโ€ (Rom. 6:13).

In addition, your physical body also belongs to Him (1 Cor. 6:19,20),ย so it too is among the things that are His that should be rendered toย Him. That means that while you will no doubt want to render to Godย financially to support the ministries that minister to you (1 Cor. 9:11;ย Gal. 6:6), you should also consider following the lead of the Macedonians,ย who โ€œfirst gave their own selves to the Lordโ€ (2 Cor. 8:5).

In light of the endless love and amazingย grace that God has bestowed on us, letโ€™s you and I render untoย God the things that are Godโ€™s! source

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