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โ€ฆeven if itโ€™s wrong. Have youย ever heard that platitude? In everyย dispensation, God has always hadย well-meaning children who servedย Him sincerely, but without an understandingย of His rightly dividedย Word, and so did and taught thingsย that were dispensationally wrong.ย But in every dispensation thereย have also been men like โ€œthe childrenย of Issachar, which were menย that had understanding of the times,ย to know what Israel ought to doโ€ฆโ€ย (1 Chron.ย 12:32), dispensationalistsย who knew where they stood inย the program of God, and so knewย how to do what is dispensationallyย right.

We are not shy to unabashedly proclaim that in the present dispensationย of grace, grace believers are the modern day men of Issachar!ย We have an understanding of the times. We know what the Bodyย of Christ ought to be doing. But with great knowledge comes greatย responsibility! Why not get in the battle for truth? After all, itโ€™s notย what you know that counts, itโ€™s what you โ€œdoโ€ (Phil. 4:9) with whatย you know. Letโ€™s do something now that we know that what we areย doing is right. source

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