๐Ÿ‘‘ A Friend in Seed is Godโ€™s Friend Indeed

โ€œIt seemed good to meโ€ฆ to write unto theeโ€ฆ most excellent Theophilusโ€ (Luke 1:3).

โ€œThe former treatise have I made,ย O Theophilusโ€ฆโ€ (Acts 1:1).

As you can see, both the Book of Luke and the Book of Acts were written by Luke to a man named Theophilus. Weโ€™re not really sure who Theophilus was, since the Bible only mentions him in these two references. But all names have meanings, and in the Bible, the meaning of names often has spiritual significance. Of course, a Pastor used to joke that Theophilus got his name when he was born, and his father said, โ€œThatโ€™s the-awful-est looking kid Iโ€™ve ever seen!โ€

The name Theophilus actually means โ€œFriend of God.โ€ Thatโ€™s significant, for in the Bible, only โ€œAbrahamโ€ฆ was called the friend of Godโ€ (James 2:23 cf. 2 Chron. 20:7). So when Luke wrote his gospel to a man named Theophilus, thatโ€™s one of the many ways God tells us that Lukeโ€™s gospel is written to Jews, theย seedย of Abraham, the friend of God.

Now I know that thatโ€™s not what most Christians believe. Most Christians think that Luke was writtenย for us, members of the Body of Christ, living in the dispensation of grace. But the Book of Luke describes the earthly life of the Lord Jesus, and Paul tells us that โ€œJesus Christ was a ministerย of the circumcisionโ€ฆโ€ (Rom. 15:8). So the Gospel of Luke is writtenย toย andย forย andย aboutย the Jews.

But if the Book of Acts isย alsoย written to Theophilus, that tells you thatย it tooย was written with the Jews in mind. Thatโ€™s important to remember, for most Christians believe that the first two chapters of Acts areย notย a continuation of what had come before, but the start of something new. They believe it was the beginning of โ€œthe church, which is His Bodyโ€ (Eph. 1:22,23).

But if Luke says that hisย firstย treatise was about โ€œall that Jesusย beganย to do and teachโ€ the Jews (Acts 1:1), then thisย secondย treatise must be about all that the Lordย continuedย to do and teach the Jews โ€”ย through the twelve apostles.ย It is only after the Lordโ€™s friends in the house of Israel stoned Stephen, showing that they refused to repent of wounding Him in the house of His friends (cf. Zech. 13:6), that Luke records how Godย interruptedย His ministry to Israel by saving Paul and sending him to the Gentiles.

That means thatย Paulโ€™s conversion marks the beginning of the church of today, not Pentecost! And that means that the specific information you need to live your Christian life is found in his epistles. source

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