📖👑 Contrasting The Twelve Apostles And Paul

In contrasting the ministry of the twelve apostles with that of the Apostle Paul, we must observe carefully:

· The twelve were chosen by Christ ON EARTH (Luke 6:13) while Paul was later chosen by Christ IN HEAVEN (Acts 9:3-5; Acts 26:16).

· Prior to Paul’s conversion the twelve had known Christ only ON EARTH (I John 1:1). Even at His ascension to heaven “a cloud received Him OUT OF THEIR SIGHT” (Acts 1:9). But Paul knew Christ only IN HEAVEN, having never seen Him on earth (Acts 26:16; I Cor. 15:8).

· The twelve represented their own nation. The number twelve has no connection with the “one Body” of Christ. As we know, Jacob of old “begat the twelve patriarchs” (Acts 7:8). From these sprang the twelve tribes of Israel. These tribes had twelve princes over them (Numbers 1:16). Even when Israel was ruled by kings there were still to be twelve princes — one over each tribe (I Chronicles 27:22). Thus, as He went forth proclaiming “the gospel of the kingdom” our Lord chose twelve princes for the twelve thrones in the kingdom to come (Matt. 19:28).

On the other hand, Paul, as one apostle, represents the “one Body,” the Church of today (Rom. 12:5; I Cor. 12:13; Eph. 4:4). However, he was both a born Hebrew and a born Roman, so represented believing Jews and Gentiles “reconciled…unto God in one body by the cross…” (Eph. 2:16).

· The twelve were sent to proclaim Christ’s kingdom “at hand” (Matt. 10:7), and later to offer its establishment on earth (Acts 3:19-26). But Paul was sent to proclaim “the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24), while the kingdom is held in abeyance.

· The ministry of the twelve was based on covenant promises (Isaiah 60:1-3; Luke 1:70-79; Acts 3:22-26). Paul’s ministry was not based on covenant promises, but wholly on the grace of God through Christ (Rom. 3:21-28; 5: 20,21; Eph. 1:6,7; 2:7; etc.). source

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[…] 📖👑 Contrasting The Twelve Apostles And Paul […]

[…] The ministry of the twelve was based on covenant promises (Isaiah 60:1-3; Luke 1:70-79; Acts 3:22-26). Paul’s ministry was not based on covenant promises, but wholly on the grace of God through Christ (Rom.3:21-28; 5: 20,21; Eph.1:6,7; 2:7; etc.). source […]

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Brethren I count it joy whenever I read a passage and find out how God loved us before even the world was, in the ministry of Jesus Christ of Nazareth while on Earth with the twelve it’s very clear that God had sent him to fulfill the sayings of the prophets meaning that isreal as a Nation was choosen by God on behalf of us all over the world, however it’s imperative to note that though Jesus Christ of Nazareth came the law of Moses still prevailed among the tribes of Israel and the gospel of John the Baptist made… Read more »

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