๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ‘‘ Will We Judge Angels?

โ€œWill we judge fallen or unfallen angels (I Cor. 6:3), and how will we judge them? I understand that Christ is the judge.โ€

The reason Paul reminded the Corinthians that we will judgeย angels was to suggest that they should be able to settle disputesย amongย believers (I Cor. 6:1-8). This implies that the angels we willย judge are likewise unfallen. It is doubtful weโ€™d be involved inย judging fallen angels, or any beings, to eternal damnation.

The wordย judgeย has different meanings. Courtroom judgesย decide guilt or innocence and determine levels of punishment,ย while Olympic judges judge the performance of athletes andย award them different degrees of reward. The Bible uses theย wordย judgeย these ways, but in another way as well. The entireย Book of Judges is all about the men whoย ruled overย Israel. Thisย is what the Lord meant when He told the twelve they wouldย โ€œsit upon twelve thrones,ย judgingย the tribes of Israelโ€ (Matt.ย 19:28). We know thatย judgeย here also meansย to rule overย sinceย the Jews they will rule over will in turn rule โ€œoverโ€ the citiesย of the world in the kingdom (Luke 19:17,19).

Psalm 82:1 said of God that โ€œHe judgeth among the gods,โ€ i.e., the angels. While God will eventually condemn fallen angels to hell (Matt. 25:41), I Kings 22 shows how He judged among the angels in time past (I Kings 22:19-22), and suggests how we will judge them in the ages to come. source

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